“JAPANESE FRUIT. THE ULTIMATE GIFT.” website has finally gone live.

Choose Japanese fruits as a gift to your loved ones.

Japanese artisanship has produced world renowned fruits and we want everyone around the world to know more about them! “JAPANESE FRUIT. THE ULTIMATE GIFT.” was started with this ambition in mind.

The promotion key visual shows a woven fabric design wrapping the Japanese premium fruits. The visual highlights Japanese fruits which are known for their taste and quality. They make for the perfect gift or souvenir for your loved ones.

The ‘Japan-grown Fruit Label’ in the centre of the key visual was developed as a unified brand mark for the export of Japanese fruit so that overseas buyers, consumers and others can identify high-quality Japanese products in overseas markets.

Via this website, we will continue to share with you the many attractions of Japanese fruits, which make for the perfect gift for your loved ones.
In addition to the website, we will also be sending out the latest information via our official social media platforms. Please follow us for the latest information.