Japanese apples are loved the world over. We have launched a webpage highlighting the allure of this wonderful fruit.

“JAPANESE FRUIT. THE ULTIMATE GIFT.” is a website highlighting the allure of Japanese fruit, which is a perfect gift for that very special someone. We are pleased to announce that a page dedicated to apples is now live.

Japanese apples are renowned for their juiciness, refreshing sweetness, and large, beautiful appearance. Behind their exceptional quality lies the hard work of dedicated farmers who spend a lot of time and effort growing them. Please read our article about the daily efforts of farmers who are constantly refining their skills.

Click here to access the apple page.

Additionally, official social media accounts provide information on the allure and appeal of Japanese apples. Follow us here as well:

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About Our Label

Japan-grown Fruit Label

We have established the “Japan-grown Fruit Label” as a unified brand mark for exports of Japanese fruit so that overseas buyers, consumers, etc. can identify high-quality Japanese products in overseas markets.