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Japanese Fruits, a gift for your loved ones.
Your sincerity will be felt
because these are fruits grown
with utmost care by artisans in Japan.


Our Artisanship

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Beautiful, juicy Japanese citrus fruit grown under the loving care of attentive farmers

Japanese citrus fruit is gaining popularity with consumers worldwide due to its lustrous appearance and juicy texture. Let us introduce the artisanship of the farmers who produce high-quality fruit in tandem with nature.

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A farming environment blessed with ample sunlight and minerals from the sea

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The majority of Japanese citrus orchards are often located on sloping land in coastal areas. The terraced fields receive plenty of sunlight while the wind blesses them with minerals from the sea. This environment is the secret to the exquisite deliciousness of Japanese citrus fruit.

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Various measures are taken to prevent damage to the fruit

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As these coastal areas are susceptible to strong winds, the farmers need to take extra care while raising their crops. To ensure the fruit is not negatively impacted in various ways by the wind, some areas require the installation of windbreaks in the form of hedge or nets. Supporting the branches with string or poles may also be required. This kind of exacting and diligent work is indispensable.

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Wrapping each individual fruit by hand protects it from the cold and birds

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Many varieties of Japanese citrus fruit can survive through cold winters. To protect them from snow and frost and prevent bird damage, each fruit is individually wrapped with a covering. All this work is carried out by hand with great care.

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The attentive work of the farmers preserves the quality of the fruit during harvest as well

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Harvesting healthily grown fruit also requires attentive work on the part of the farmers. First, the stem is cut a slight distance from the fruit itself. It is then trimmed again closer to the fruit to remove any leaves. By harvesting in this manner, damage to the fruit can be prevented, even if they touch each other, and quality can be preserved.

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The fruit is stored in a warehouse at optimal temperature and humidity, further adding to the deliciousness

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After harvesting, farmers expose the fruit to natural winds to reduce skin moisture before storing it. While being stored in humidity- and temperature-controlled warehouses, it develops a rich, delectable taste and it can be shipped to the world “ready to eat.”

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Japanese citrus fruit that looks and tastes great makes a wonderful gift

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In this way, farmers work tirelessly every day to maximize the full potential of the citrus fruit. Juicy, tasty, and beautiful in appearance, Japanese citrus fruit is chosen by consumers worldwide as a desired gift.

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These fruits are meticulously grown and harvested by the artisans in Japan. They will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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The quality and deliciousness of fruit and fruit-like vegetables grown in Japan are promoted to overseas distributors, consumers, foreign tourists, and others. Additionally, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has established the “Japan-grown Fruit” label as a unified brand symbol for exported Japanese fruit so these products can be easily distinguished from those of other countries.

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