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Japanese Fruits, a gift for your loved ones.
Your sincerity will be felt
because these are fruits grown
with utmost care by artisans in Japan.


Our Artisanship

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Japanese grapes are the embodiment of art itself. What techniques are used by growers to realize uniform excellence for the sweetness of this delectable fruit?

Characterized by their magnificent sweetness and juicy texture, Japanese grapes are loved around the world. Their inherent deliciousness is achieved through the daily efforts and exacting techniques of the farmers who grow them.

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Having four distinct seasons, the water and soil of Japan are perfect for nurturing delicious grapes

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Japan has clear pristine water and rich soil well-suited to the cultivation of grapes. The climate is also favorable, with four seasons and distinct temperature differences. The Kyoutou region of Yamanashi Prefecture, one of the main areas of grape cultivation, has been designated as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System for growing the right crop in the right place and for the development and succession of Japan’s unique grape trellis cultivation system.

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By limiting the size of the harvest, high-quality fruit is produced

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Generally, Japanese vineyards tend to be smaller in area and yield than those in other countries. Though it may appear inefficient at first glance, compared to the large-scale cultivation practiced in other countries, small vineyards have the advantage of allowing growers to be more attentive in the care they apply to the crop. By limiting the number of grapes that grow on each vine, nutrients are properly distributed to each bunch, resulting in exceptionally high-quality grapes.

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Cultivation requires a full year, highlighting the artisanship applied by the grower

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Grape production requires a full year. Branches are pruned in winter, buds are thinned in spring, and the grape flowers are allowed to bloom. The grapes are carefully nurtured during the June rainy season and finally harvested in the fall. The unsparing time and effort of the growers as they apply their artisanship is what supports this careful production.

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Grapes as art. Thinning grapes to produce beautiful fruit

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For the growers, grape cultivation is almost an art form. Particular attention is paid to thinning the grapes once they have become fruit. The shape and size of the grapes at the time of their harvest are determined by how much of the fruit was thinned. This attentive work is what produces well-shaped and evenly-sized grapes.

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Umbrellas and coverings to protect the grapes – applying various innovations to produce sweet fruit

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At Japanese vineyards, each bunch of grapes can be seen enclosed with a covering. This is to protect the fruit from pests and over-exposure to the sun, which would cause a loss in quality. As they affect sugar content, the condition of the vine leaves is also carefully checked to ensure that sweet juicy fruit is produced.

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Japanese grapes are a gift that is sure to please everyone

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Japanese grapes that growers have cultivated with the utmost care are of the highest quality. They are very pleasing to the eye and taste really delicious. Seedless varieties of grapes developed in Japan that can be eaten with their skins on, such as the Shine Muscat, are very popular because they are so easy to eat. They are the perfect fruit for eating at home or giving as a gift that is sure to please anyone who receives them. They are carefully packed to preserve their deliciousness and shipped everywhere in the world.

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These fruits are meticulously grown and harvested by the artisans in Japan. They will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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The quality and deliciousness of fruit and fruit-like vegetables grown in Japan are promoted to overseas distributors, consumers, foreign tourists, and others. Additionally, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has established the “Japan-grown Fruit” label as a unified brand symbol for exported Japanese fruit so these products can be easily distinguished from those of other countries.

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