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Japanese Fruits, a gift for your loved ones.
Your sincerity will be felt
because these are fruits grown
with utmost care by artisans in Japan.


Our Artisanship

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Choose Japanese peaches as Gift!
The finest taste produced by farmers’ artisanship.

Japanese peaches are juicy and sweet. Their world-renowned taste is uniquely crafted by the farmers' artisanship.

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The decisive factor: difference in temperatures. Japan's climate is ideal for growing peaches.

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Peaches in Japan are mainly grown in basins surrounded by mountains. The basin is characterised by a large temperature difference change between summer and winter. Peach trees lie dormant in the harsh winter cold, and when they bear fruit in the summer, they are able to slowly accumulate their sweetness under the blazing heat.

Peach cultivation starts in winter with “branching” and pruning.

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Peach production starts with pruning around January, when the weather is extremely cold. Pruning is an important process that creates the foundation of the tree. The excess branches of the peach trees are cut off one by one, and the ideal shape of the tree is set to encourage fruit growth at ideal spots.

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Bud and fruit picking is necessary to produce large peaches.

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From spring to summer, peach trees produce many flower buds and fruits, but if they are left untreated, nutrients are wasted and delicious peaches cannot be produced. In order to produce big, sweet peaches, it is important to remove excess buds by tekirai (picking buds and fruit).

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Loving care and attention to detail right up to harvesting pays off.

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Even after the peaches have finally borne fruit, the meticulous work continues. Stakes are put up to support the heavy branches, and sheets are laid on the ground to reflect ultraviolet rays and make the peaches more beautifully colored. Farmers give their peaches plenty of love and care until the time of harvest.

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The secret of delicious balance of sweetness, aroma and texture.

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The peaches thus produced by farmers are fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sweet, rich in flavour and smooth in texture. This well-balanced flavour is the hallmark of Japanese peaches, which are loved around the world.

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Great size and appearance.
Perfect for gift-giving.

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Japanese peaches are attractive not only for their delicious taste, but also for the size of the fruit and their beautiful red coloured appearance. Careful farm work makes these peaches the perfect gift for your loved ones. Japanese peaches, the result of farmers' craftsmanship, are sure to bring a smile to that person's face.

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These fruits are meticulously grown and harvested by the artisans in Japan. They will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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The quality and deliciousness of fruit and fruit-like vegetables grown in Japan are promoted to overseas distributors, consumers, foreign tourists, and others. Additionally, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has established the “Japan-grown Fruit” label as a unified brand symbol for exported Japanese fruit so these products can be easily distinguished from those of other countries.

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