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Japanese Fruits, a gift for your loved ones.
Your sincerity will be felt
because these are fruits grown
with utmost care by artisans in Japan.


Our Artisanship

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Give the gift of big sweet Japanese persimmons, exquisite fruit produced through the tireless efforts of diligent growers

Japanese persimmons are big and sweet, and various textures can be enjoyed depending on the variety. Behind the high quality of this delicious fruit lie exceptional cultivation techniques unparalleled anywhere in the world and backed by a long farming history.

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Mouth-watering persimmons are grown with farming techniques meticulously developed over many generations

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The persimmon is a fruit that has long been a favorite of the Japanese. Many varieties are cultivated throughout Japan, each suited to the soil and climate of a particular region. Dried persimmons, made by peeling and drying the fruit, have also been produced since ancient times. This fruit and associated processed products made with reliable techniques cultivated through years of tradition are gaining popularity worldwide.

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Pruning, which is instrumental in determining the quality of persimmons, is deliberately and carefully carried out

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Persimmon cultivation starts in the cold winter months after the fruit was picked in the fall of the previous year. The first thing growers do is prune the trees. This is done very carefully and takes about three months. The height and shape of the trees are pruned to ensure that each persimmon will be evenly exposed to the sun so that delicious fruit will result.

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Meticulous picking of buds and attentive thinning of fruits are carried out to produce persimmons of the highest possible quality

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Bud picking and fruit thinning are very important tasks. The buds and flowers that appear in spring and the small fruits that grow in the rainy season are picked by hand. To produce fruit of exceptional quality, the number of persimmons that may grow on each branch of each tree is carefully calculated.

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Laborious work is carried out to protect the fruit from pests and damage

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Other tasks also need to be performed to produce delicious persimmons. Growers put a lot of effort into cutting undergrowth to protect the persimmons from disease and pests, applying organic fertilizers such as compost and oil cake to ensure good soil, and installing supports to prevent branches from damaging the fruit.

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Harvesting and shipping red-tinged, sweet persimmons around the world.

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As autumn deepens and the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime grows, the green persimmons gradually change to a yellowish color, and it is finally time to start harvesting. Fruits are selected according to their readiness, so only those with a reddish tinge and high sugar content are plucked during harvest. They are then lovingly wrapped and shipped to the rest of the world.

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Big! Sweet! Delicious! Japanese persimmons are the ultimate gift for that special someone

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Japanese persimmons are large and delight one’s palate with a rush of sweetness and juiciness the moment they are eaten. Such high quality can be maintained because they are grown by farmers demonstrating expert artisanship. Japanese persimmons are the ultimate gift. Experience their deliciousness with those special to you.

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These fruits are meticulously grown and harvested by the artisans in Japan. They will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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The quality and deliciousness of fruit and fruit-like vegetables grown in Japan are promoted to overseas distributors, consumers, foreign tourists, and others. Additionally, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has established the “Japan-grown Fruit” label as a unified brand symbol for exported Japanese fruit so these products can be easily distinguished from those of other countries.

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